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Dear Valued Alumni and Esteemed Colleagues,


In the celebrated tradition of academic excellence and professional distinction, the UP School of Statistics Alumni Association, Inc. continues to be a wellspring of innovation and camaraderie. Our vision is clear: to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic community that echoes the vibrant spirit of our alma mater.


I am thrilled to lead an association that isn’t simply an assembly of statistics professionals but a transformative force that unites alumni from all walks of life, both local and international. Together, we are a beacon of fun and transformation, encouraging one another, providing unwavering support to our university, and championing the far-reaching applications of statistics.


As we chart the course for the future, our focus remains steadfast on nation-building. We uphold statistics as not just a profession but as an essential tool for progress, governance, and societal development. We are committed to extending educational support and to give back to the university that has given us so much.


Connection is at the core of our endeavors. Our association fervently works to bridge the gap between alumni, inspiring current students to press onward in their academic and professional quests. We celebrate together, marking the successes and milestones of our fellow alumni with pride and admiration.


Engagement with our internal and external stakeholders is a priority. We present a clarion call to our members to actively engage in the life of the association. Through general assemblies, fundraising initiatives, and other activities, we aim to foster a culture of participation, regularly reassessing the needs of our stakeholders to ensure our collective growth.


Our professional organization is not just for alumni—it is an alliance that includes students and the potential employers of our members, signifying an ecosystem of opportunity and advancement. We champion the field of statistics as a profession and are dedicated to promoting its significance across multiple industries.


Inherent in our shared vision is the role of our association as a conduit for progress, a launchpad for innovation, and a nurturing ground for the analytical minds that will shape the world of tomorrow.


I invite you to join me as we carry this vision forward, embodying the values we’ve held dear from our first foray into the realms of statistics. Let us Lead with conviction, Excel in our endeavors, and Serve with passion.


Together, we are not just statisticians; we are changemakers.


In Service and Partnership,


Cha Biteng

President, UP School of Statistics Alumni Association, Inc.


2023 UPSSAAI General Assembly

New Board of Directors elected for UPSSAAI last GA held at UP School of Stat last Oct 14 , 2023.

UP School of Statistics 70th Anniversary

The school celebrated its 70 years of academic excellence last Dec 9, 2023 at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

UPSSAAI Strategy Planning for 2024

UPSSAAI Board’s fun and productive first meeting of the year. Looking forward to our programs and activities for the alumni, the school and the students!

2024 UP School of Stat Open House

UP School of Stat together with UPSSAAI and the student orgs
will hold an Open House on March 2, 2024. Please save the date and spread the word!


Stay tuned for a lineup of events that will ignite your passion and drive for the future! From inspiring career talks that pave the way for success, to impactful fundraising activities that shape communities, and vibrant social events that foster connections, there’s something extraordinary on the horizon. 

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Have any questions? We are happy to discuss any inquiries you may have about our associations’ activities, programs and services and how we can partner with each  other.