Who are we?


We envision the UP School of Statistics Alumni Association, Inc. as the embodiment of collective ambition and shared values among a vibrant tapestry of individuals. Rooted in the richness of diversity and the strength of inclusivity, our association is not just a network but a dynamic, engaging, and transformative community. With a culture that is as fun as it is professional, we stand united in our mission to support both the University and our alumni across the globe.


Our vision is one of empowerment—empowering nation-building through the promotion of statistical literacy and advocacy. We seek to nurture the profession of statistics, ensuring it remains robust, relevant, and respected. Education is at the heart of what we do; we are committed to providing educational support, encouraging the advancement of current students, and celebrating the achievements of our esteemed alumni.


In our effort to weave a closer network, we are dedicated to connecting alumni with one another, fostering a sense of solidarity, camaraderie, and mutual support. Our commitment stretches further as we aim to inspire students to delve deeper into their statistical studies, nurturing the next generation of professionals who will carry the torch of analytical excellence.


Our engagement with stakeholders—spanning from the University of the Philippines School of Statistics to our global alumni—is proactive and inclusive. We will work diligently to encourage participation in our mission and advocacy. By organizing activities that range from general assemblies to fundraising events, we renew our dedication periodically by assessing and addressing the evolving needs of every member of our community.


As a professional association, we will stand at the intersection of education and industry. We shall be the bridge that connects alumni to potential employers and a voice that continuously promotes statistics as a profession. Through our actions and initiatives, we will fortify the role of statistics in shaping a data-informed society and contribute significantly to the intellectual and practical foundations of our nation.


Our mission at the UP School of Statistics Alumni Association, Inc. is rooted in the pursuit of empowering excellence, fostering connections, and giving back to both our alma mater and the broader community. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment that not only encourages professional growth but also celebrates the unique narrative of each member. Through our collaborative endeavors, we strive to uplift one another, nurture transformative connections, and contribute to the advancement of statistics as a discipline.


We are committed to providing diverse opportunities, mentorship initiatives, and a platform to forge connections that are both professionally enriching and personally fulfilling. In doing so, we seek to champion the empowerment of all alumni in their respective endeavors, fostering an environment that supports their ongoing growth and contribution to the field of statistics.

Furthermore, our mission encompasses a strong dedication to giving back to our revered alma mater. By actively engaging in initiatives that support our university and the broader community, we aim to contribute to the legacy of excellence that defines the University of the Philippines School of Statistics. This commitment extends to nurturing the next generation of statisticians, offering educational support, and advocating for the enduring significance of our discipline within academia and society.


At the core of our mission is the belief that by embracing diversity, promoting excellence, and facilitating meaningful connections, we collectively contribute to a vibrant network that not only supports individual growth but also advances the enduring impact of statistical sciences. Through our mission, we endeavor to instill a sense of purpose, foster collaborative ventures, and inspire a legacy that echoes the profound values of our alma mater.


In summary, our mission at the UP School of Statistics Alumni Association, Inc. is centered on empowering excellence, nurturing connections, and giving back, thereby perpetuating a legacy of statistical acumen, collegial unity, and altruistic service to our honored institution and the community at large.


Charina Biteng
Rheila Uy
Vice President
Joey Paolo Rufo
Reizel Vidal
Cherrie Belmonte-Lim
Joseph Ryan Lansangan
Dean, UPSS
Cathy Casas
Membership Head
Francisco de los Reyes
Scholarship Head
Jason Parson
Board of Director
Josefa Abanilla
Ways and Means Head, Immediate Past President
Ruby Jaucian
Communications Head
Ria Vibal
Board of Director
Michelle Alarcon
Board of Director
Sharon Capule
Board of Director
Agape Javier
Board of Director
Carolyne Andersen
Board of Director


Have any questions? We are happy to discuss any inquiries you may have about our associations’ activities, programs and services and how we can partner with each  other.